How to create the weekly status report for CIO and CDO


These steps are to be used to generate the weekly status report for David Miller and David Wright.


  1. Initial Set Up on your machine
    1. Log into TeamDynamix Users (TDNext)
    2. Click on the Yellow window on the upper left corner of the page and select "Downloads"
    3. On the Download Page, select "Excel Reporting Add-In"
    4. Under the Downloads click on "Excel Add-in" or the current version listed
    5. Read the instructions and click "Download Now"
    6. On the bottom of the page a Download box will open.
    7. Go to your Download directory and unpack the .zip file with your favorite unzip software (Note: sometimes this is done automatically)
    8. Double click on the setup (If a "Windows protected your PC" message shows up, click on "More Info" and then click on "Run Anyway")
  2. Run weekly
    1. Open Excel and load a previously run "<date> All ITS Requests by Director" report
    2. Click on the Tickets tab along the bottom of the Excel Spreadsheet
    3. Click on the Add-ins button at the top ribbon of the Excel
    4. If this is the first time you are running this, click on Configure Settings. If not the first time, skip to step 15.  If they push patches to your machine you might have to redo this step weekly also.
      1. Ensure or put "" in the Server URL box
      2. Add your user name <myWSU ID> in the Username field
      3. Enter your local TDX Password in the Password field. (If there is an authentication problem when you hit Refresh Report, change the password in the users section. Go to change user password section below)
      4. Make sure that the "Do not track usage" box is NOT checked
      5. Click OK
    5. Click on Refresh Report
    6. Click in field A1
    7. Click on projects Tab across the bottom of the Excel Report
    8. Click "Refresh Report"
    9. Click in Field A1
    10. Click on the Combined tab at he bottom of the Excel Report
    11. Double check the projects are not overlaying the start of the tickets, you may add plenty of new rows in by coping the last one down.  There should be plenty of blank rows with 0 showing in them.
    12. Click on the Summary of all Jobs tab at the bottom of the Excel Report
    13. Click into the pivot table so you can see the pivot selection fields
    14. Click on the Filter for Director and add or subtract a Director as needed when there are organizational changes.  For example add the new CIO.
    15. Click on the Filter for Primary Responsible, add new personnel.  For some reason, the new ones will be at the bottom of the list, add only ITS personnel.
    16. Select Analyse in the ribbon bar
      1. Click on Refresh
      2. Select Refresh All.   This pulls the pivot chart data from the Combined tab and updates the needed table.
  3. Save the report in the shared file folder called "Project Management" drive and in folder "Project Management Progress Report"
    1. Save report in the name "<today's Date yyyymmdd> All ITs requests by Director"   Tip:  See attached file from 20200331 for an example.
    2. Forward the report to David Miller and David Wright every week on Friday at 5 pm or any time Monday.

To change user password (Not your Active Directory Password) go into TDX Admin

  1. Click on Users and Roles
  2. Click on Users
  3. Search for the user
  4. Click on Actions -> Reset Password
  5.  Fill out both the New Password and the Confirm Password
  6. Click on Save


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