TDX Student Worker Account Set Up - morphing to be any ITS Student-Worker


All student workers using TDX will use Duo with their generic AD user name. Primary email and notification email will follow the from of Student workers will now be easily identifiable and interactions with other staff members will be more personable. The following steps will instruct how to properly set up email and AD accounts for any new student workers in ITS using TDX as an example as all students have TDX. 


The following steps will be taken in the initial set up of the TDX account: 

  1. In TDX student workers will be set up using a work user name (EX: PMOstudent1 or
  2. The TDX user name will be the same as the student's work AD 

After the student is set up in TDX with a work user name, the following will take place:

  1. The students first and last name will be changed from the generic one used to set up the account to their actual first and last name
    1. Enter Admin
    2.  Select Users and Roles
    3. Select the student employee
    4. Under General change the First Name and Last Name fields
    5. Click Save
  2. The Primary email and Alert/notification email will be set to
    1. In Admin under the Contact Information section
    2. Change the Primary Email and Alert/Notification Email using
    3. Click Save

Note: The Windows Group will need to be contacted to assist with creating the work account and any alias needed

What As Student As Student Worker
MyWSUid# g325c347 g325c347
email address (alias of
TDX user Id and email
AD look up & # Haley Lewis  g325c347 PmoStudent1

Activities / Issues to work out for the whole campus:

Students with two AD accounts, must use DUO with their Student account to protect their direct deposit and maybe / maybe not for their Student-Worker Ad based on job.

Naming nomenclatures on what we call different levels - personal email account = gmail, etc. how to distinguish between Student and Student-Worker.

How to tie student-Worker to Student if it's a one for one; if it's not but many to one "generic" student-worker group-how to change password when someone leaves group??

a HR's communication to student-worker's employer/supervisor - how to address this

Term report comes in to ITS, however, it is all in Student data which depending on how the Student-worker was set up if we can find that account now

Need multiple examples to show different correct and incorrect ways to set up Student-Workers.

How to handle student-worker moving to new campus job - when to and not to change AD?

If a group insists on a generic name - and reusing it, how to track it to leave it open for one year.

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