How to Create a Project Template


Follow this procedure to create a new project template.  For editing or adding content to a project template, see Building a Project Template.


  1. Sign into TDX with an enterprise license
  2. Click the yellow home tab, click the project templates app to open the Project Templates Tab.
  3. Click the +New Project Template
  4. Name the template, give it a descriptions and choose which components you would like to have included in the template. (Briefcase, Contact, Issues, Link, Plans)
  5. After all Components are checked, Click the Save button.
  6. By default, after saving the Project Template is marked as Private and only the creator is able to use this template. By clicking on Mark Global, any user in the organization can apply the template when creating new projects. 
  7. You may edit the Plan to contain standard tasks for that type of project.
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