Sponsor, Stakeholder, or any WSU employee - Review of ITS Projects' Information

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Sponsors and team members need to be able to review projects when they don't have a TeamDynamix license.  They can access lots of project information through the free client portal at wichita.teamdynamix.com


Project status and information available to Sponsors, stakeholders and anyone who can sign into TDX. 

  1. Open  wichita.teamdynamix.com
  2. Sign on with your normal myWSUID and password, it will ask for duo authentication
  3. Select Client Portal
  4. Click on the Projects/Workspaces tab across the banner
  5. Select the project name you want to review as the default is Tiles.  If you want to see a line for each project in a list, Click on Grid.
  6. All of the following are available to everyone with a WSU sign on.  Click on:
    1. Details: Overview of Status, percent completed on planned project timeline, Project Charter details included.
      1. Health of project:  Green – good, things are moving along well, Yellow – some addressed issues, Red – show stopping issue(s), work high priority issue full time until the project is back on track.
      2. Phases of a project include: Potential – not started yet; Analysis – scoping and gathering requirements, selecting best alternative; Plan – Lining up resources to each task, ordering tasks, ordering HW and SW on contracts; Build/Configure – doing all the planned work; Deploy – ready for end user testing, rolling into production; Close – completing any outstanding issues after go live and doing lessons learned
    2. Feed: Executive overview of last week’s highlights may filter on New Items, Status Changes, Edits, and Comments.  Comments give weekly updates on project activities.
    3. Announcements:  Project Manager uses this to update the whole team on key information, not normally used but certainly can be.
    4. Briefcase: Contains Project Documents; may search and open project documents.  To add or edit documents, you must have a TeamDynamix license.
    5. Calendar: Filter on needed timeframe and what items to show on the calendar like Events, my Events, Issues, My Issues, Tasks and My Tasks.  Used for a quick view of Today or this Week or Month.  May drill down into any of the items to show responsible person and due date.
    6. Contacts: Includes the names of all team members on project, plus their Email address, Phone Number, Company and Title.  This information is from Banner.  If you click on email, it pops up an email for you to send to the person.
    7. Issues: Shows any problems that are happening on the project, with drill down capabilities for details.  Any team member or stakeholder may raise an issue.  Click on the +New button to add one.   You can use the green filter funnel to change Status to see closed issues too to reopen them if needed.
    8. Risks: Shows any potential problem that might happen to the project.  Any team member or stakeholder may raise a risk.  Click on the +New button to add one.    Use the green filter funnel to change Status to see closed Risks too.
    9. Links: Not currently used, available if needed.
    10. Plans: See Tasks assigned to you.  A TeamDynamix license allows person to view the whole plan and drill down into detailed tasks to see who is assigned and what percent complete the task is.  Also create alerts to be emailed when a task is started or completed.
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