Strategic Planning Initiative Year End Communication


Instructions -how to send communication to all individual owners of Strategic Planning Initiatives.


Directions and an attached video for SPI to use at quarter or year end, goal is a reminder for individuals to update their SPI:

  1. Sign in to TDX as a Tech.
  2. Select Ticket tab.
  3. High light Ticket on the right hand side.
  4. Click on the green funnel.
  5. Start typing Strategic in the Ticket type and select the right one when it pops up.
  6. Click on the green Apply button at the top.
  7. Check box all initiatives you want to put a comment on - just one or to all of them. 
  8. Select the green Actions button.
  9. Select: Comments   (warning don't use Update)
  10. Type in a message that you want to send or use a pre-planned Template (if one has been created).
  11. Under the Notification box select who you want the notification to go to. As a minimum, you should select "Requestors". 
  12. Click on the Green "Save" button at the top left when satisfied with the page.
  13. Check - do you see your initiative's new Comment in the Feed? And did you will receive an email for your initiative?

Tip: The video in BASECAMP (SC Strategic Planning tool communications plan Action Item) shows the error of why you don't want to use Update- unless you really want to change the status on all tickets for other purposes, on SPI you do not want to. 

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