How to Update a Strategic Planning Initiative (SPI)


This article is meant to provide the steps necessary in order to update a Strategic Planning Initiative using the new shortened work flow.



  1. Sign in to TeamDynamix
  2. Select the "Client Portal"
  3. Next, select the "Services" option from the top menu
  4. Then, select "My Approvals" from the menu below the previous one
  5. Select "Main Choice" under the "Step" column corresponding to the Initiative you wish to update
  6. Chose the "Update Initiative" option on the right that best fits your updated status:
    • “Update SPI – Status to In Process” Team has actively started working the SPI
    • “Update SPI – Status to Cancel” Team has decided to not perform this SPI
    • “Update SPI – Status to Complete – Meets Expectations” Team has decided to close a successful SPI which met the expectations of the team
    • “Update SPI – Status to Complete – Does not meet expectations” Team is closing a successful SPI that did not meet one or more of the expectations
    • “Update SPI – Continue SPI into Next Year” Team has determined the SPI is valuable and can finish the SPI in a minimal period of time
    • “Update SPI – Close current SPI – Successful and Spawn New” Team has determined that the SPI was successful and would like to do the exact same SPI the next year.
    • Tip: "Resend Notification" will resend you an email to share with others. 

  7. Enter any comments that you want to go to SPI personnel only
    • Tip: Any comments added will be part of the official SPI feed and could be useful in determining progress and why the current action is being accomplished.
  8. Click "Save"
    • Note: Please note that the SPI will disappear from the My Approvals page for up to 5 minutes if just updating the Initiative. If cancelling or closing a new Initiative, the SPI will not return to the My Approvals page. If Spawning a New Initiative, the current SPI will not return and the new Initiative can take 30 minutes or more to show up in the My Approvals. 

Supporting Services

Call 978-7574 or 978-7575 for help.

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