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When you want to report a suspicious email, please forward it as an attachment. Forwarding the email as an attachment preserves the hidden technical details of the message. These are useful to our anti-spam providers in strengthening their protection.
Teaching Sponsors and extended team members to access project information will help them be updated as they need. There is greater visibility and accountability when everyone can see and access key information and documents when every they need to and from any web browser.
these instructions are to be sent to students using 3D Experience for their class
The purpose of the classroom media technology equipment is to support instruction for all credit-bearing courses. Any other use of the equipment may be subject to additional terms and conditions.
These are notes that were generated during the training process of 3D Experience administration.
Just because the University is a non-profit educational institution, Wichita State is not exempt from music service providers' terms of service. Music playback from certain sources may or may not be permissible for the University to do.
These instructions are for 3D experience administrators to know how to add users to the platform
This article describes the writing style that should be used in Knowledge Base articles which are intended for technical support personnel, including but not limited to Help Desk and Desktop Support.
How to Create a Project Template
These are instructions on how administrators for 3D Experience can create security groups and then implement to shares like collaborative spaces
Selecting the right display profile for an external display (monitor, projector, etc.) can often resolve issues regarding incorrect color display with MacOS.