MRC - Engineering Services

Services (6)

MRC-ENG: Cable TV Installation

Request installation or setup of new Cox Cable service for your college or department.

MRC-ENG: Cable TV Repair

Request repair of an existing Cox Cable TV service, cable box, or related issue.

MRC-ENG: Digital Signage - Report a Problem

Report a problem you see with any digital signage screen on campus: yours or others.

MRC-ENG: Digital Signage Installation

Request Installation of new digital signage screen for your area.

MRC-ENG: Cable TV Service Rental - For One Time Use

This service will provide the user credentials and access to a Slingbox hosted at the MRC to have temporary cable tv service for an event without having a continuous, annual subscription.

MRC-ENG: All Other Requests

Use for any other request for the MRC Engineering Services team, including issues with WSUTV on Cox Cable Channel 13.