Project Request


This is the form used when requesting a project, ie. ITS projects that require >80 hours of total effort.


The project request form is used to initiate the planning process for Information Technology Services (ITS) related projects at WSU.  The objective of this process is to formalize the steps by which new project requests are initiated.  Only those projects that warrant investment will be undertaken and executed.

Projects are measured by person hours (labor hours). Projects are categorized as either:

  • Greater than 80 person hours   or,
  • Involve multiple departments

Historically, any effort over 8 hours was called a project so it could be tracked on the ITS Project List.  Most of the smaller efforts will now be addressed by a Service Request. To view all of our Services, use the following link:

Complete the "Project Request" form and answer all of the related questions specific to your project. After marking each section complete, submit your project request.  At this point, ITS will work with you to insure the request is complete before it will be submitted to all ITS Directors for approval and prioritization.  After this meeting, the outcomes are communicated and the submitter is notified if their project has been approved and what priority has been set for the project. Projects will be started if all resources needed are available to insure a quality and timely delivery.

Project Request Form


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