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TDX is WSU's ticketing and project management system.  Use this service to request access to TeamDynamix for a new employee or technician, request a Client user be added to the TDX database. Request to change, add or remove access to any modules, service requests or knowledge base within TeamDynamix.  You may also change the level of license an individual has.  


All student, faculty, staff and partners may request support. 

Students and Supervisors should be educated of this guideline for TeamDynamix:

In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (known as FERPA) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), student educational records are made available to staff and faculty who have a need to know when fulfilling their official responsibilities at Wichita State University. Such educational records are released on the condition that they will be used for a specified educational purpose and officials will not permit any other access to the information without the written consent of the student involved. What does this mean to a licensed user of TeamDynamix? As an student assistant of Wichita State University, you are responsible to protect sensitive data. As a user of TeamDynamix, tickets assigned to you will have a notification email sent to your student email box. You are responsible to delete any TeamDynamix notification emails that contain either FERPA or PII data immediately. FERPA and PII data protection training is available from myWSU training, however, as a quick reminder this data includes personal email addresses, home address or personal phone number for examples. 


There is significant benefits, access to information and control over both requests and reporting with a TDX license.  The connectivity of working closely with clients and other WSU campus groups is powerful, capturing all work and working requests timely with a seamless process.  Workflow may include approvals, allows all stakeholders see where and who is working on all requests.  Anything captured, may be reported easily with your license, it can be emailed to others without a license.  All training is free and included even if you decide you don't need a license, much information is available for the free client.  You can see who is working your request and their updates, you can click on the responsible name and see who they work with if something needs to be escalated.  TeamDynamix brings visibility (who read the tickets) and accountability to all work.    20% of ITS tickets are surveyed for timeliness and satisfaction, no one will be survey more than once every 10 business days.  Service Level Agreements, SLA, can be established and automate escalation on late tickets.  Portfolio Project Management, Asset Management, Contract Management, Knowledge Sharing, embedded forms on web pages, news or status updates, reporting via public or private dashboards are other capabilities. TDX is a robust and productive tool for any group needing to capture and work client requests timely.  It is one of the few tools in the industry that was created just for Higher Education and has one interface for workers involved in both tickets and projects work.  


There is no cost associated with this request, new licenses will be charged to your department each July.

TeamDynamix License Capabilities and Cost for Fiscal 2023

Enterprise -  needed for Project Managers and building complex reports, Appox $710

Technician - needed to work project tasks, fill service requests or fix issues for others, asset management, knowledge base articles and review ticket reporting is all included. Aprox $450

Student Technician - for student employees only, same capabilities as Technician. Approx $210

Client - Free; This is how all faculty, staff, students and affiliates can access the Client Portal to request services from the Service Catalog, monitor their and their departments tickets and contact technicians.  

Please call Anita Barrett at 316-978-7575 for details and to set up a demo / training and learn the costs.  

Costs are per Fiscal Year.  As a Software as a Service (SaaS), these prices reflect the annual cost.  If your seat is needed in the middle of the year, costs will be prorated.  All purchased licenses will be for the remainder of the contract.  If you no longer need a license, every attempt will be made to move it to another person.   All set up and training time is not billed to your department.

Normal Time To Delivery

Response in six hours, access change made within 2 business days.  If resolution of the ticket will take more time or if there is a back log of tickets a due date will be given. 

Supporting Services

Configure TeamDynamix for WSU's usage:

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