CMS: Co-Host Request


For faculty or staff members who may either be inexperienced with leading online synchronous meetings via Zoom, or have very large classes, having a second host to moderate the meeting can be very beneficial. For this service, an employee of Campus Media Services will join your meeting and assist you with tasks including (but not limited to) some of the following: muting/unmuting participants, turning participant cameras on/off, placing participants in breakout rooms, admitting participants from the waiting room, monitoring and responding to chat, and more. This alternative host will not discuss course content with the participants, and will only be a resource for the meeting so that the instructor can focus their attention and effort on the delivery of instruction.


Any meeting hosted by a Wichita State user who is a Licensed Zoom account holder. Subject to availability, on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to classes first. If a non-class meeting has requested an alternative host and a class requests an alternative host that overlaps the non-class meeting, every attempt will be made to find an available host for the non-class meeting. If there are no available hosts during that time slot, the class will take priority.


There is no charge for Zoom Co-Host Service within registered classes. For any Zoom meeting not within a registered class, there will be a $15/hour labor charge.



Service ID: 42814
Mon 3/30/20 1:52 PM
Fri 10/23/20 11:41 AM