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TDX: Purchase a License for TeamDynamix from ITS


This service offering is used when a department or organization would like to purchase a single or multiple licenses for TeamDynamix from Information Technology Services for their ticket or project management system.


This service is available to all departments / organizations on Campus who wish to utilize Information Technology Service Management (ITSM - Ticketing system) or Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) capabilities.  Historically the ticketing system was TechHelp which will be retired by Dec 2016 and WSU has not had a robust supported project and resource management system before now.  Both are open for your departments to utilize by filling out this form.

Students and Supervisors should be educated of this guideline for TeamDynamix:

In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (known as FERPA) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), student educational records are made available to staff and faculty who have a need to know when fulfilling their official responsibilities at Wichita State University. Such educational records are released on the condition that they will be used for a specified educational purpose and officials will not permit any other access to the information without the written consent of the student involved. What does this mean to a licensed user of TeamDynamix? As an student assistant of Wichita State University, you are responsible to protect sensitive data. As a user of TeamDynamix, tickets assigned to you will have a notification email sent to your student email box. You are responsible to delete any TeamDynamix notification emails that contain either FERPA or PII data immediately. FERPA and PII data protection training is available from myWSU training, however, as a quick reminder this data includes personal email addresses, home address or personal phone number for examples. 

TeamDynamix License Capabilities and Cost until 3/2019

Enterprise - $608 per year which is needed for Project Managers and building complex reports

Technician - $382 per year for anyone needing to work project tasks, fill service requests or fix issues for others, asset management, knowledge base articles and review ticket reporting is all included.

Student Technician - $179.14 per year, for student employees only, same capabilities as Technician.

Client - Free; This is how all faculty, staff, and students can access the Client Portal to request services from the Service Catalog.

Please call Anita Barrett at 316-978-7575 for details and to set up a demo or training.  

Internal billing / invoicing for these licensing fees are July 2017 for 75% of 2018 Fiscal Year and in March 2018 for the next 12 months.

All set up and training is not billed to your department.