How to Forward your Desk Phone Calls to your Cell Phone


This article covers the steps necessary to request that your calls to your desk phone be forwarded to your cell phone. Calls from your cell phone to campus will show your desk phone number on caller ID. Calls from campus to your cell phone will show the campus number they are coming from. 


  1. Navigate to Click Service Requests in the middle of the page. This will take you to a list of Telecommunications' Services. From here select the "Telecommunications Forward My Phone."
    1. OR follow this link directly to the service request:
  2. To fill out the request form follow these steps:
    1. Enter your name as the requestor and the department should populate.
    2. The Short Description can simply be “Extension forwarding to cellular” or something similar.
    3. The request details are auto populated as well. Feel free to add information as you wish.
    4. Enter your "Extension", "Cellular Carrier", and "Forwarded to Phone Number" into their designated fields.
    5. If you are a supervisor submitting this form for your department, please enter NA in the Cellular Number and Extension Number fields.
      • You can note in the description that you’ve attached a spreadsheet.
      •  Please ensure your spreadsheet has name of employee, extension, cellular number and carrier.
      • When you scroll to the end of the ticket, you will attach the file as the last step.
    6. To finish simply select the yellow "Request" button at the bottom of the page.
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