Campaign Data Ticket and Survey Walk-through


This article will explain what to expect when filling out a Campaign Data Service Request and the Survey that follows.


Users can Design Campaigns from the client portal by navigating to the "Campaign Data" service request.

  1. Click the yellow Design Campaign on the right hand side of the page
  2. You will be taken to the request, in which you are asked a series of questions. Please for a specific Campaign working with Students.
  3. Once completed, select the yellow Request button at the bottom of the page
  4. Within a day  you will receive an email notifying you about a survey that you may complete for Actual Outcomes.  Please wait until you have completed the Campaign and gathered all planned Metric Outcomes.  You may not fill out the survey twice.  

How to find your Survey:

  1. You will receive an email about a day after submitting your Campaign. The email will provide a link to your survey.
  2. If you cannot find it in your inbox, a helpful phrase to search for is the title of your Campaign.
  3. If you find that you never received the email please notify any of the TDX Admins so they can re-send the survey.

Tip: Attached is a file you can use as a practice worksheet.


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