Filtering and Finding Type/Department Specific Tickets


There are 3 different ways to find and filter type/department specific tickets. The following steps will instruct how to use the Tickets App, Desktop Reports, and the Client Portal to find the tickets you are looking for.


Tickets App

  1. Click on Tickets from the top task bar to open the Tickets App
  2. Select Tickets on the left side of screen
  3. Use the green Funnel icon on the upper right to search for the Type.  

Note: Any of the fields under the funnel may be used to further pinpoint tickets

Desktop Reports

  1. Create a Ticket Report and add necessary filters
  2. Select Desktop from the top task bar
  3.  Click Edit Desktop for an existing desktop or select New Desktop
  4. Using the left menu, scroll to Tickets
  5. Open Tickets and select the report that is needed
  6. Drag the report to the desired Column

Client Portal

Use this method to find tickets for all tickets assigned to your department, not just your tickets.

  1. Sign in to Client Portal
  2.  Click on Services from the top task bar
  3. Select the Ticket Requests option
  4. Check the “Include request from my accounts / departments” box
  5. Next sort by Service to find yours
  6. You may also change Status Class to “On Hold” to find the lingering tickets

Note:  You must click on Search button each time you change the search criteria to get new results. 

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