Configuring New/Refreshed ImageQUEST Xerox VersaLink Printers (4Q2020)


This article contains instructions for setting up any ImageQUEST Xerox Versalink Copier for use on the WSU Network.


Starting from a clone image:

1. Check the IP Address of the printer to verify that it has been set up with a proper hostname.  Per-building printer subnets are listed on  By default, the printer's hostname should be displayed on its control panel. Ping the hostname to determine the IP address.  If the printer does not have a proper hostname/IP address, verify the steps listed in the latest Printer Setup Checklist have been completed.

2. Connect to the web interface of the printer using the hostname and log in as "admin".  Information about administrator logons will be available to Desktop Support staff through their eWallet.  If the admin password has not been properly set, Desktop Support can also provide the factory default password.  The administrator password can be set by clicking Permissions in the left-hand pane, choosing the Admin account then clicking Change Password.

Note: The Versalink user-interface is very particular about browsers.  Edge or Chrome seem to work best.  

3. Set the hostname of the printer.

1. Click Connectivity in the left-hand pane, choose Ethernet at the top of the screen, then choose Edit under Common.

2. Enter the hostname of the printer in the Hostname* field and click OK.

Note: Each time a setting is changed and OK is selected while configuring a Versalink, the printer will prompt to request a reboot.  These reboots may be delayed until all configuration changes are made

4. Complete the printer's Email Settings 

1. Click Connectivity in the left-hand pane, select SMTP.

2. Under Device Email enter the name of the printer in the format

3. Under SMTP Server, click Server Address, and verify the Server Address* field reads

4. Click OK

5. Turn off unneeded protocols.

1. Under Connectivity, click NFC at the top of the screen and click to toggle into the off position.  Click OK

2. Under Connectivity, click AirPrint, and toggle into the off position. Click OK

3. Under Connectivity, click Mopria and choose the off radio button. Click OK

4. Under Connectivty, click Bonjour and toggle into the off position. Click OK

6. Turn off directory search

1. Click Address Book on the left-hand pane.

2. Choose Advanced from the top of the screen.

3. Choose Directory Service from the drop-down.

4. Select the off radio button.

7. Verify with the client which applications they would like to be visible on the Versalink Control Panel. Hide unnecessary programs.

1. Click Apps in the left-hand pane.

2. Click on a program that needs to be hidden or shown.

3. Under Display on this device choose show or hide as needed.

If the versalink printer will need to be set up with accounting codes for copy and/or print...

1. Click Permissions in the left-hand pane.

2. Choose Accounting Method from the top of the screen.

3. Select Xerox Standard Accounting from the list of accounting methods.

4. Select Track All and click OK.

5. Return to the top of the Permissions menu

6. Click Add User and follow the prompts to create new user codes.

If the versalink will be set up with PaperCut for copy (PaperCut MFP), prepare the printer to enable PaperCut.

1. In Connectivity choose SNMP.

2. Select SNMP v1/v2.

3. Toggle Enable into the On position.

4. Change Community Name Read/Write enter the community name listed in the Desktop Support eWallet.

5. Click OK

6. Under Permissions select Login/Logout Settings on top of the screen.

7. Select Convenience

6. Return to the Permissions menu, and click Accounting Method and select Network Accounting from the list.

7. Select System and then click on Security

8. Select Feature enablement and enter *3004452891 for the B7030 model or *3003452891 for the B405 model

9. Click OK and allow copier to reboot.

10. Make a windows server ticket to request PaperCut for Copying (PaperCut MFP) be enabled for the device.

11. Once the ticket is complete and PaperCut MFP is set up, go to Permissions menu, click Edit next to Guest Access, select Device User Role in the drop-down and select No Access.  Click OK.

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