Configuring New/Refreshed ImageQUEST Xerox AltaLink Printers


This article contains instructions for setting up any ImageQUEST Xerox AltaLink Copier for use on the WSU Network.


Starting from a clone image:

1. Check the IP Address of the printer to verify that it has been set up with a proper hostname.  Per-building printer subnets are listed on  By default, the printer's hostname should be displayed on its control panel. Ping the hostname to determine the IP address.  If the printer does not have a proper hostname/IP address, verify the steps listed in the latest Printer Setup Checklist have been completed.

2. Connect to the web interface of the printer using the hostname and log in as "admin".  Information about administrator logons will be available to Desktop Support staff through their eWallet.  If the admin password has not been properly set, Desktop Support can also provide the factory default password. The Admin Password can be reset by clicking Properties at the top of the home page, then navigating to Security > Password Policies > Admin Password in the left-hand pane.

3. Check the DNS Settings of the printer. 

1. Click Properties, and navigate to Connectivity > Setup, and click Edit... next to Wired Connection

2. Click Edit... next to IP (Internet Protocol)

3. Click Show DNS Settings and match the following information and click Apply:

Requested Hostname: should be the printer's hostname

Requested Domain Name:

Multicast DNS Registration: Unchecked

Additional DNS Server Addresses:,

4. Complete the copier's email settings

1. Click Properties, and navigate to Apps > Email > Setup

2. Click Edit... next to SMTP.

3. Select the Specify SMTP Server Manually radio button

4. Verify the radio button in the sub-menu is set to Hostname

5. The Hostname:Port field should be set to

6. The Device email address field should be set to

7. Click Save

8. Return to Properties, navigate to Apps > Email > Setup and click Edit... next to From: Field

9. Change the Default From Address to

10. Click Save

5. Enable Non-administrator editing of the Address Book from the device control panel.

1. Under Properties: Apps > Email > Setup select the Address Books tab.

2. In the bottom section marked Global Policies, choose the All Users radio button under Create / Edit Contact from Touch Screen.

6. Complete the copier LDAP configuration.

1. Under Properties: Connectivty > Setup click Edit... next to LDAP.

2. Under Search Directory Root enter the most specific OU containing all of the device's users.

3. Replace the Login Name with the device's AD user account in the format AD\hostname.

4. Fill out the password fields (information available to Desktop Support through their eWallet) and check Select to save new password.

5. Click Apply

7. Disable Unnecessary Protocols

1. Under Properties: Connectivity > Setup, verify  Air Print and Mopria are disabled.

2. Click Edit... next to NFC and uncheck Enabled.

3. Click Save.

Starting from a factory state

In addition to the above settings, the following configuration changes will need to be made when starting from factory:

1. Under Properties: Connectivity > Setup click Edit... next to WSD (Web Services on Device) and uncheck Enable, then click Save.

2. Under Properties: Connectivity > Setup click Edit... next to LDAP, then click Add New and match the following information in the new LDAP entry in addition to that listed above:

Server Information Radio Button: IPv4 Address

IP Address: Port:

Backup IP Address: Port:

3. Under Properties: General Setup > Status LED & Sounds, uncheck Enable Sounds

4. Under Properties: General Setup > Remote Services Setup, find Enablement at the top of the menu and move the Remote Services radio button to Disabled.

5. Under Properties: General Setup > Display Device Information, choose Host Name from the drop-down menu.

6. Under Properties: Apps > Display enter the Show/Hide tab and hide applications your users will not need/use.

Generally, the apps shown are Copy, Print From, Fax, Email and, depending upon the department's needs, Workflow Scanning

If the AltaLink printer will need to be set up with accounting codes for copy and/or print...

1. Under Properties: Login/ Permissions/ Accounting > Accouting Methods, Click Edit... next to Control Panel & Website Login Methods

2. Select Xerox Standard Accounting from the Current Accounting Method drop-down and click Save.

3. Under Properties: Login/ Permissions/ Accounting > Accounting Methods click Edit... next to Users and Limits

4. Click New User and fill out the information requried by the menu. 

Username is the field that will be keyed at the copier by the end-user.

Impression limits may be set in this menu per-user as well.

An account may be created in the Device User database for a power user or administrative assistant to use to manage a department's accounting codes.  This role is called the Accounting Administrator role.  This role is also necessary to retrieve reports from the copier.

If the AltaLink will be set up with PaperCut for copy (PaperCut MFP), prepare the printer to enable PaperCut.

1. Under Properties: Connectivity > Setup click Edit... next to SNMP

2. Verify SNMP v1/v2 Enable is checked, then click Edit SNMP v1/v2 Properties.

3. Enter the SET Community Name and Confirm SET Community Name and check the box Select to save new SET Community Name. The correct SET Community Name is recorded in Desktop Support's eWallet. Click Save

4. Under Properties: Login/ Permissions/ Accounting > Login Methods and select Edit... next to Control Panel & Website Login Methods.

5. Choose Xerox Secure Access from the drop-down menu and click Save.

6. Return to Properties: Login/ Permissions/ Accounting > Login Methods and click Edit... next to Xerox Secure Access Setup and verify that the Login Method is set to Xerox Secure Access Device + Alternate Onscreen Method.  This enables use of both card and manual login for PaperCut.

7. Under Properties: Login/ Permissions/ Accounting > Accounting Methods and click Edit... next to Control Panel & Website Login Methods and select Network Accounting from the drop-down menu and click Save.

8. Make a windows server ticket to request PaperCut for Copying (PaperCut MFP) be enabled for the device.

9. Once the ticket has been complete, return to Properties: Login/ Permissions/ Accounting > User Permissions and click Edit... next to User Permission Roles

10. In the following menu click Edit... next to Non-logged-in User.

11. Click on the Apps & Tools tab and select the radio button next to Restrict Access to Everything.

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