Request new access, to keep current access, or to remove access to the High Performance Computing Cluster or XSEDE. Please "Sign In" in the upper right corner if you have a myWSU Id#. This will aid your approval process.
What Do You Need?
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What Do You Need?
HPC Supported by grant
Please select yes if funded by a research grant.
HPC Supported by grant
Enter a short title for the project you plan to use the High Performance Computing
Enter the detail description of the project you are planning on implementing within the High Performance Computing system, include Grant name if funded by a grant. Write 2 or 3 paragraphs at an executive level.
Type of Account
Select the type of user account being requested. If individual student access is requested, provide email of the Faculty member who approves the need.
Type of Account
Type of Work
Select the type of work the access is requested. If requesting access for a whole class, please select Course.
Type of Work
If you selected "Research" please provide any outcomes that have resulted from using the HPC system. These outcomes may have been a publication in a peer-reviewed journal or a thesis. If you selected "Course" please provide details on how the HPC system was used in your coursework.
Do you currently have a myWSU ID?
If you have a myWSU ID, you must enter it here. Failure to provide an existing myWSU ID could delay the approval process.
Please enter the email address of a faculty member who knows of the need to access the HPC Cluster.
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Enter the number of credit hours for the listed course.
Please enter the number of students you are enrolling for this request.
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If the other organization wishes to have their system's Id tied to WSU's system Id in WSU's system then this can be provided and it will be stored in WSU's system as an alternate Id.
Status is assumed to be A for active unless indicated with an I for inactive.
Enter the email address of your approval manager. If you are faculty or staff, enter the email address of your manager, Dean or Chair. If student, enter the email address of a faculty or staff member who is familiar with your project. If Other, please enter the email address of a manager in your chain that has knowledge of why you are requesting access and that can approve this request.
Please briefly describe why you no longer need access.
Enter the date/semester that you graduate or that you will no longer need access to the HPC system.
Please explain how you plan on using XSEDE. Description for XSEDE is found at:

If this request is to add a class, please upload an excel spreadsheet with the <First Name>, <Last Name>, <MyWSU ID>, <Email Address> columns for each student.

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