3D Expeirence General notes


These are notes that will be helpful to know if you are doing administrator work for 3D Experience.  

  • Students, faculty, and administrators can access 3D Experience through this weblink:  https://eu1-academia-ifwe.3dexperience.3ds.com/ 
  • Admin's can't force password reset, students will have to go to this site and select forgot my password
  • https://eu1-academia-ifwe.3dexperience.3ds.com/ 
  • If students don't have set up email, go to this site and select Create your 3dexperience ID, the email address should be their shockers email, the username can be anything https://eu1-academia-ifwe.3dexperience.3ds.com/ 
  • To delete users, select the users from the members control center by left clicking on their name, hit the arrow on bottom right, hit remove granted roles, select the users again, hit the arrow on the bottom right, hit remove users. If you don't follow this particular process then you can run into issues where roles are still being counted as used even though the user is removed from 3D Experience.
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