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3DExperience General notes

These are notes that were generated during the training process of 3D Experience administration.

Beginner: How to Log Into TeamDynamix

This knowledge base article covers how to reach and log in to the TeamDynamix website.

Change the color profile on MacOS

Selecting the right display profile for an external display (monitor, projector, etc.) can often resolve issues regarding incorrect color display with MacOS.

How to Add Users in 3D Experience

These instructions are for 3D experience administrators to know how to add users to the platform

How to create custom user groups in 3D Experience

These are instructions on how administrators for 3D Experience can create security groups and then implement to shares like collaborative spaces

How to put in support tickets for 3D Experience

How to put in support tickets for 3D Experience

Student Instructions for 3D Experience Collaborative space setup

these instructions are to be sent to students using 3D Experience for their class