Strategic Planning Initiative


This request is to be used to report any Strategic initiatives that drive WSU's Vision and Mission. 


Wichita State University’s vision is to be internationally recognized as the model for applied learning and research. Important to realizing that vision is creating an assessment system that helps to clearly tell our story, as a university, to those both on-and off-campus.

The assessment and tracking system you are about to enter provides all units within the university the opportunity to develop strategies and tactics unique to you and the work your unit is doing. Reporting progress on our strategic plan helps to ensure transparency and helps all of us make decisions moving forward. WSU’s strategic plan includes goals centered on the following:



     Research & Scholarship

     Campus community & culture

     Inclusive excellence

We ask that your unit develop and report on strategies and tactics so that Wichita State University can tell our university’s story and how we are realizing both the vision and the mission of our university. You are asked to enter your Initiative that are associated with the aforementioned strategic planning Goals. You may or may not have strategies associated with each university goal. Tactics, which are specific measures for a strategy's Initiative, should be entered at the same time and should be specific to each Initiative. You should have at least two tactics, and no more than five tactics, to report on each initiative.  Internal strategies / initiatives may also be tracked and reported at the Dean or VP's level within this reporting tool.  Recall WSU has one Vision/ Mission, 3 Target Drivers, 5 Goals, and 6 Strategies, you can select Other and add a new Strategy for your Initiative if needed.  You will name your Initiative and associated 2-5 Tactics.


There is no charge to request your Initiative to be reviewed and approved for public reporting.  If selected, it will be reported on WSU's public website and you will be expected to update status quarterly until completed.  One page training is available.

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