BeoShock HPC Budgetary Estimate


Use this Request to get a quote if you want to buy Nodes, have a Grant going, or need rough figures for the cost of any sum total of the following:

  • General Use Compute Node
  • GPU Node
  • High Memory Node
  • Virtual Machine Node 
  • Storage Node 
  • 10G Network switch (48 ports) 
  • Mellanox Infiniband switch (36 ports)
  • Server Rack

The compute nodes are blades that go in a 4-blade chassis, so for every 4 blades there is the additional cost of another chassis.  The process to add additional racks and switching is complicated for someone only adding a single node that pushes past the point of needing to add a rack or switch, so a fraction will be built into your estimate on requests for a few nodes.


This service is available to Faculty, Staff, KS Regent University, RTT, etc.


There is no cost associated with this service. However, if you decide to make the purchase, please let the know as soon as possible.

Request Budgetary Estimate


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