PPM Last Tasks on Closed Projects


Historically one of two things happened on projects, they are left open until the last task is complete - leaving projects open for months OR a ticket was created for the needed item with the project closed, and ticket has no PPM visibility within the groups' normal tickets. Neither should be used going forward. This Service Request is used so we can close a project timely for any one to three items hanging on later than expected, the three or less tasks should be less than 80 hours total time. This service request will allow ITS directors to have one place the PPM meeting can report and understand any final outstanding tasks on closed projects. They will be reviewed monthly in PPM meetings.


All ITS PMs, ITS Directors, CIO or CISO with the project's Sponsors approval may close a project as normally and use this ticket for last clean up task(s).

Normal Time To Delivery

Two months most tasks should be less than 9 weeks in duration.


There is no cost associated with this request.

Supporting Services

None.  There is a report called Last Tasks of Closed Project under the Metric folder that ITS directors and CIO may run.

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Tue 5/11/21 1:47 PM
Wed 7/21/21 8:14 AM