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Services or Offerings?
Request a quote for a new device or software.

Request used to get a budgetary quote for HPC Nodes, Switches, Server Racks, and Chassis.

This service request is to be used to seek assistance from the Information Technology Services group's Desktop Support to obtain quotes or request purchase of computer hardware.

Please check the WSU Software Catalog ( for the standard, pre-approved available software.

Use this section to create an MRC Project Request

Request new connection(s), connection move(s), connection trouble(s), billing changes or other.

Request assistance with any telecommunication issue.

Request a new Perceptive Content (ImageNow) implementation which may include a new drawer, application plan, or scanning device.

Use this service to request assistance with installed AV equipment and live event media support.

Need to purchase new application or software as a service? Please use this form to start the process and learn needed steps.

Request assistance with wireless networking at WSU to include:
* Help with connecting your device to the WSU wireless
* Creating a wireless account for conference attendees
* Wireless service or coverage problems

Purchase audio/video equipment for use in your college, department, office, or classroom.

Use this service to request A/V equipment and services for your live events and meeting, as well as requests for a Zoom Co-Host.