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Need assistance reserving a Lightboard Studio? Lightboard Studio reservations can be made for any day and time that the University is open and operating. If you need to make a 'Same-Day' reservation for a Lightboard Studio you can use the touch-screen scheduling panel outside the individual Lightboard room. For 'Future' reservations--reservations for dates/times more than a week in the future--you can use the online EMS scheduling site (

For all other reservations, or if you are experiencing difficulties making the reservations using either the EMS scheduling site or physical scheduling panel, please submit a ticket and CMS will be happy to create the reservation on your behalf. Please be sure to include the date and time of your desired reservation, and which building/Lightboard Studio you would like reserved. If you would like to make a recurring reservation, please indicate how often the recurrence(s) should be, the dates and time of when the recurrences should end, and/or the specific dates and times of the recurrence(s) needed. Additionally, please include a brief title or description to use for the reservation name. If you are making the reservation on someone else's behalf, please include their name and the best contact information for that person in the event that the reservation needs to be changed or updated. 


All university colleges and departments.

Normal Time To Delivery

For a Response and/or Resolution expect up to two days.


There is no cost associated with this service.

Supporting Services

Please note that Lightboard Studio rooms are locked and will require a key, only obtainable through in-person training. When you are ready to schedule your in-person training and obtain a key, please submit a Classroom Support Request ticket (


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