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This service offering is to be used when requesting access to video recordings.

Assistance with other existing classroom media features, including DVD players, document cameras, microphones, etc.

Help with connecting any laptop or tablet in classrooms for classes, meetings, conferences, events, etc.

Request Banner Access

Need training or help with Banner?

This involves any hardware or software problems with your department computer.

Request Corbin Hall computer lab and equipment reservation.

Use this service for any department computer hardware or equipment problems

Request to have a device set up or moved.

Request help with the use of various technology tools for course, work or research.

Request a quote for a new device or software.

Use this service to request software updates, installations or report software problems.

Use this service request to reserve audio visual equipment such as projectors, screens, laptops, cameras & tripods, etc.

Request A/V equipment and services for your live events and meetings.

Request assistance with a projector or TV that is not working as intended.