Popular Services

Request help with an IT-related problem.

Request assistance with any telecommunication issue.

Request for services from the ITS Windows Server Administration Group which includes share drive access, mailbox sizing, VPN access, etc.

Request access or removal of access to required doors for new and existing employees, students, affiliates or partners.

For requests that include multiple individuals, please attach a spreadsheet containing the appropriate information.

This service request is to be used to seek assistance from the Information Technology Services group's Desktop Support for Set up and/or changes involving All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, IPads and Printers as well as changes involving the operating systems and their setting/rights.

This service request is to be used to seek assistance from the Information Technology Services group's Desktop Support to obtain quotes or request purchase of computer hardware.

Use this Service Request to request a forward of your business phone to either a cell phone or a home phone.

Use this service offering to request a Licensed account.

This request is to be used to seek help when anything on the desktop is broken and you need assistance from the ITS Desktop Support group. It is used to report anything broken involving All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Printers as well as their operating systems or their setting/rights plus Desktop end user applications or software.

Request assistance with a Faculty or Staff email account.

Use this form when requesting a mifi (wireless internet cellular device) to borrow while working remotely. There is no charge for this service currently. These devices can be used as a wireless internet device or can be plugged directly into one device and used as a tethered internet (this is more ideal for remoting in to a campus computer). We ask that people who already have working Internet access allow the MiFi hot spots to go to those who don't.

If you cannot find the service you need, use this service offering to submit a general technology ticket to the ITS Help Desk.

This is the form used when requesting a project, ie. ITS projects that require >80 hours of total effort.

Use this service request to gain access to Microsoft Teams to be able to create new teams.

Request a change to DHCP/DDNS records.

Request configurations within TeamDynamix.

Technology support for University Libraries

Find and request or download standard WSU desktop software

This offering is to request support for TeamDynamix when it is not working as expected, to reset a licensed user's Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the event the maximum number of retries has been exceeded, or if a user is having difficulty signing onto TeamDynamix.

Request for services from the ITS Unix Server Administration Group.

Use this service request to ask for a temporary loaner Windows or mac Laptop.

Use this service to request access to TeamDynamix.

Add Strategic Planning Initiatives with 2-5 Tactics for public reporting.

Request help with an email related problem.

Use this service request to add a co-host to zoom sessions to aid in presentation of on-line courses