Financial Operations and Business Technology

Services (9)

FOBT: Help! I have a FinOps problem!

Request help with an IT-related problem.

FOBT: Website Change

Request changes to FOBTWeb or FOBT department pages on

Research Business Technology Request

This request is to be used by the Office of Research Administration (University and IDP) to seek the help of Business Technology. It is used for 'how to' questions, software questions & issues, and reporting requests.

FOBT: DocuSign Access Request

Request access to WSU's DocuSign system.

FOBT: Email Problem

Request help with an email related problem.

FOBT: Equipment Reservation Request

Request the reservation of FOBT devices.

FOBT: Network Share Access

Request access to network share.

FOBT: Product Quote

Request a quote for a new device or software.

FOBT: New Employee

Request to have a user account, email, network share access and/or computer set up for a new employee.