My Recently Visited Services

Request service with Internet and Network Connectivity, Server Access, or VPN.

Problems or requests which do not fit any category listed above.

Please enter a detailed description of your design challenges, and I will contact you as soon as possible. The ticket created will then serve as an easily referenced troubleshooting guide for the duration of your project.

Setup and maintenance of new and existing WSU faculty and staff email accounts.

Request help with an IT-related problem.

Technology support for University Libraries

Login and evaluation issues

Request assistance with any telecommunication issue.

This service request is used to reset a licensed user's Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the event the maximum number of retries has been exceeded.

Scanning of analog materials; preparing digital materials for the Web; creating metadata; quality control, uploading digital files to SOAR or other library content management systems.

This is a link to request configuration of a new service offering in the Team Dynamix Service Catalog.

Request help with the use of various technology tools for course, work or research.

Request a new ImageNow implementation which may include a new drawer, application plan, or scanning device.

Submit a project request for an HR project.

Submit a project request for the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs.

Use for any other request for the MRC Engineering Services team, including issues with WSUTV on Cox Cable Channel 13.

Request a WSU Secure Account for attendees of a conference or similar event

Request new software to be added to your computer.

This offering is for the installation of software for Engineering Dean's office and Industrial Engineering.

Use this service to report EMS errors prohibiting business function(s).

Request for services from the ITS Unix Server Administration Group.

Request access for a new user or change access for an existing user.

Request assistance, training follow up support, or report a problem with myTraining.

Report any other classroom issues, including furniture, lighting, heating/cooling, chalkboards or whiteboards, etc.

This service is used for individuals wanting information on having training provided.