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Request new connection(s), connection move(s), connection trouble(s), billing changes or other.

Request new phone(s), phone move(s), connection trouble(s), billing changes or other related telephony questions.

Request access or removal of access to required doors for new and existing employees, students, affiliates or partners.

For requests that include multiple individuals, please attach a spreadsheet containing the appropriate information.

Request for services from the ITS Windows Server Administration Group.

Request help with an IT-related problem.

For installation of new computers, printers, or other technology devices, clients will select this offering.

If you cannot find the service you need, use this service offering to submit a general technology ticket to the ITS Help Desk.

This is a link to request configuration of a new service offering in the Team Dynamix Service Catalog.

Technology support for University Libraries

Not sure where to submit your ticket? Use this service offering and provide as much detail as possible about your needs.

Order / Renew an SSL Certificate for a Server

This is the form used when requesting a project, ie. ITS projects that require >80 hours of total effort.

This service is used for individuals wanting information on having training provided.

This offering is for the installation of software for Disability Services.

Request Desktop Support assistance with erasing one or more computers or other devices so they can be picked up by the Warehouse.

For other requests that don't fall into another category, this is the "catch-all" ticket type.

Please use this to report any laboratory equipment malfunctions. If this is in reference to Window, Linux, or Mac computers, then please use their respective Service pages.

Request technical help with DegreeWorks

Request assistance with a student email account.

Ask questions, report errors, and request support for TeamDynamix which would include demonstrations of the tool's capabilities.

Use this service for any department computer hardware or equipment problems

Request to have a new device or hardware set up, including WSU email on a phone.

Request non-host changes to DHCP/DDNS configuration.

This offering is for requesting support for a device or service that is not working properly.