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This is the form used when requesting a project, ie. ITS projects that require >80 hours of total effort.

Service request to request a new Pro license.

Use this service to request software updates, installations or report software problems.

Submit a project request for the Hugo Wall School of Public Affairs.

Request Desktop Support assistance with connecting to a shared network drive or printer.

Request Desktop Support assistance with administrative privilege on a computer.

Request changes to FOBTWeb or FOBT department pages on

Request to have a new device or hardware set up, including WSU email on a phone.

Request to have software installed on a device.

Request help with an email related problem.

Request to have a user account, email, network share access and/or computer set up for a new employee.

Request a quote for a new device or software.

Use for any other request for the MRC Engineering Services team, including issues with WSUTV on Cox Cable Channel 13.

For installation of new computers, printers, or other technology devices, clients will select this offering.

Report a problem with wireless service (other than coverage).

For other requests that don't fall into another category, this is the "catch-all" ticket type.

Request Corbin Hall computer lab and equipment reservation.

Request Installation of new digital signage screen for your area.

Request assistance with a student email account.

Request service with Internet and Network Connectivity, Server Access, or VPN.

Report any other classroom issues, including furniture, lighting, heating/cooling, chalkboards or whiteboards, etc.

Ask questions, report errors, and request support for TeamDynamix which would include demonstrations of the tool's capabilities.