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WiFi and Networking

Wired and wireless network access and network configuration.

Services (9)

Wireless: Coverage Request

Request additional wireless coverage in a location where you can't pick up a signal.

Wireless: Service Problem

Report a problem with wireless service (other than coverage).

Wireless: Setup Assistance

Request assistance for help connecting to WSU Secure.

Network: ACL

Request a change to routing rules for an access control list as applied to a VLAN.

Network: DHCP/DDNS - Other Request

Request non-host changes to DHCP/DDNS configuration.

Network: DHCP/DDNS Host(s) Request

Request a change to DHCP/DDNS records.

Network: DNS Request

Request a change to DNS records for and other university-managed domains.

Network: Switchports

Request a change to a switchport.

Network: Other

Request a Network change which does not fit into the categories above.