Computer, Device, Printer, and Software Support

Report a problem, request assistance, or request a quote for hardware or software installations.

Categories (4)

Device Installations

Request help with installation of devices such as computers, printers, and tablets.

New Software Installations

Request assistance with installation of new software such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud.

TeamDynamix Requests

Requesting information, access, or enhancements for TeamDynamix.

Microsoft and Adobe Creative Cloud

Request assistance with using Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Services (9)

Desktop Support Device Erasure (DBAN)

Request Desktop Support assistance with erasing one or more computers or other devices so they can be picked up by the Warehouse.

Desktop Support Establish Printer and/or Drive Mappings

Request Desktop Support assistance with connecting to a shared network drive or printer.

Desktop Support Set Admin Rights

Request Desktop Support assistance with administrative privilege on a computer.

Desktop Support Virus or Compromised Computer Remediation

This service offering is for the clean-up of a computer that is suspected of or confirmed to have a virus, malware, spyware, or other dangerous agent infection, or that has otherwise been compromised.

Desktop Support Break-Fix Request

This is a generic support request used to submit an incident (break/fix) item to the Desktop Support Group in ITS.

Desktop Support Service Request

Help with an Desktop Support related request that requires less than 80 hours of effort. This service request will be submitted directly to Desktop Support for review.

Desktop Support Product Quote

Help with a purchase quote for a new device or other new product.

Desktop Support Product Purchase

This is the service offering for Desktop Support to fulfill a purchase request for an end user.

Desktop Request a New Printer Setup

Request Desktop Support assistance with the connection of a new ImageQuest-contracted Xerox printer, including physical setup and configuration, creation of the network DNS hostname and associated ITS Networking ticket, creation of the server print queue name and associated Windows Server Group ticket, and other tasks needed for setup.