Classroom Support

Request help with projectors, classroom computers, or other classroom issues.

Services (7)

Assistance with classroom media features

Assistance with other existing classroom media features, including DVD players, document cameras, microphones, etc.

Assistance with connecting a laptop or tablet

Help with connecting any laptop or tablet in classrooms for classes, meetings, conferences, events, etc.

Help! The projector is not working!

Request assistance with a classroom projector (or TV, if equipped).

I need additional equipment for my class

Request media technology equipment for a class that is not already included with the room.

Issues with Classroom's Instructor Computer

Report an issue with a classroom's instructor computer.

Need access to classroom media technology

Request access to classroom media technology, either the "gray boxes" in smaller classrooms, or the Master Classroom instructor lecterns.

All other classroom support issues

Report any other classroom issues, including furniture, lighting, heating/cooling, chalkboards or whiteboards, etc.