Services A-Z (97)

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AV Services, Live Events & Zoom Co-Host Requests

Use this service to request A/V equipment and services for your live events and meeting, as well as requests for a Zoom Co-Host.


Banner Access Request

Request Banner Access

Banner Questions and Support

Need training or help with Banner?

BeoShock HPC Budgetary Estimate

Request used to get a budgetary quote for HPC Nodes, Switches, Server Racks, and Chassis.


CAS: Email

Setup and maintenance of new and existing WSU faculty and staff email accounts.

CAS: Network Problems and Requests

Request service with Internet and Network Connectivity, Server Access, or VPN.


Login and evaluation issues

CAS: Technology Reservation

Request Corbin Hall computer lab and equipment reservation.


DegreeWorks Request

Request technical help with DegreeWorks

Desktop Support - Help Me Fix

This request is to be used to seek help when anything on the desktop is broken and you need assistance from the ITS Desktop Support group. It is used to report anything broken involving All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Printers as well as their operating systems or their setting/rights plus Desktop end user applications or software.

Desktop Support - Help Me Set Up/Change

This service request is to be used to seek assistance from the Information Technology Services group's Desktop Support for Set up and/or changes involving All-In-One, Desktop, Laptop, IPads and Printers as well as changes involving the operating systems and their setting/rights.

Desktop Support - Help Me Shop - Hardware

This service request is to be used to seek assistance from the Information Technology Services group's Desktop Support to obtain quotes or request purchase of computer hardware.

Desktop Support - Help Me Shop - Software

Please check the WSU Software Catalog ( for the standard, pre-approved available software.

Door Lock: Add/Remove Access to a Door

Request access or removal of access to required doors for new and existing employees, students, affiliates or partners.

For requests that include multiple individuals, please attach a spreadsheet containing the appropriate information.

Door Lock: General Door Lock Service Request

Use this request when you have general questions about door lock administration that are not addressed by the other service offerings.

Door Lock: I Have a Problem with a Door

Request assistance when having a problem with a door other than access and scheduling.

Door Lock: I Need a Door Access Report

This is a request for information on door access for a person or a door.

Door Lock: Request a Capability Change to an Electronic Door

Request a capability change to an electronic door attached to the standard campus system, such as a change in motion sensor actions.

Door Lock: Request a Change to a Door Schedule

This service offering is to be used when a change is needed on a door schedule that unlocks a door.

Door Lock: Request a New Electronic Door Lock

This service offering is to be used when a new electronic door lock is needed.


ECE/SoC Service Request (New)

Email Assistance Request

Use this form to request Email Support

EMS: Access Request

Used to request new access for users, inactivate access for users, to request new departments to schedule rooms in EMS, and request installation of EMS.

EMS: Configuration Change Request

Use this request to make configuration changes to the system such as room/building addition or inactivation; adding categories; resource pricing changes; etc.

EMS: New Organization or Contact Request

Use this service for requesting contacts and organizations to be added, modified or removed from EMS.

EMS: Support Request

Use this service to report EMS errors prohibiting business function(s).

ENG ME: Break-Fix Assistance Incident

ENG ME: help with any IT equipment that was working and isn't now

ENG ME: Support Request

For Mechanical Engineering requests that don't fall into another category.

Engineering: Break-Fix Assistance Request

This offering is for requesting support for a device or service that is not working properly.

Engineering: New Device Install

For installation of new computers, printers, or other technology devices, clients will select this offering.

Engineering: Software Install

This offering is for the installation of software for Engineering Dean's office and Industrial Engineering.

Engineering: Support Request

For other requests that don't fall into another category, this is the "catch-all" ticket type.


FOBT: DocuSign Access Request

Request access to WSU's DocuSign system.

FOBT: Email Problem

Request help with an email related problem.

FOBT: Equipment Reservation Request

Request the reservation of FOBT devices.

FOBT: Help! I have a FinOps problem!

Request help with an IT-related problem.

FOBT: Network Share Access

Request access to network share.

FOBT: New Employee

Request to have a user account, email, network share access and/or computer set up for a new employee.

FOBT: Product Quote

Request a quote for a new device or software.

FOBT: Website Change

Request changes to FOBTWeb or FOBT department pages on


General Classroom Support

General classroom support; request assistance with technical and classroom issues, or request equipment / training.


Help Me Fix

Use this service to request assistance with installed AV equipment and live event media support.

Help! I have a problem!

Request help with an IT-related problem.

HPC Problem Reporting

Report a problem with the High Performance Computer Cluster.

HPC User Access Request

Request new access, to keep current access, or to remove access to the High Performance Computing Cluster or XSEDE. Please "Sign In" in the upper right corner if you have a myWSU Id#. This will aid your approval process.

HR - Scheduled Employee Disable Access Request

This Service Request is to be used to schedule the disabling of an employee's access. It will be used to disable access of Active Directory, Employee Door Lock Access, Phone Systems and Employee Banner access.


I am interested in a badge!

WPCE Badge Program Information Request

IE: Computer Hardware or Software Break-Fix

This service offering is intended for the repair or resolution of computer-related hardware or software issues.

IE: Computer Hardware or Software Installation

This service offering is intended for the installation or setup of computer-related hardware or software.

Improving Information Technology Services

This service offering is to suggest improvements to Information Technology Services.

Install or Purchase New Software

Need to purchase new application or software as a service? Please use this form to start the process and learn needed steps.

ITS Laptop Loaner Request

Use this service request to ask for a temporary loaner Windows or mac Laptop.

ITS Service General Request

If you cannot find the service you need, use this service offering to submit a general technology ticket to the ITS Help Desk.


Library Digital Project Request

Scanning of analog materials; preparing digital materials for the Web; creating metadata; quality control, uploading digital files to SOAR or other library content management systems.

Library Technologies - Projects

Projects for the six Library graduate students

Library Technologies - Systems

Technology support for University Libraries


Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud Support Request

Request assistance with using Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud products

MRC Project Request

Use this section to create an MRC Project Request


Request assistance, training follow up support, or report a problem with myTraining.


Network: ACL

Request a change to routing rules for an access control list as applied to a VLAN.

Network: DHCP/DDNS - Other Request

Request non-host changes to DHCP/DDNS configuration.

Network: DHCP/DDNS Host(s) Request

Request a change to DHCP/DDNS records.

Network: DMCA Takedown / Re-enable

Request MAC address be blocked on the WSU network upon notification of copyright infringement or unblocked after remediation of infringement.

Network: DNS Request

Request a change to DNS records for and other university-managed domains.

Network: Fileserver Configuration

This ticket is for people wanting service related to Windows fileserver access. Request any configuration changes to fileservers: access, shares, etc.

Network: Network Connections

Request new connection(s), connection move(s), connection trouble(s), billing changes or other.

Network: Other

Request a Network change which does not fit into the categories above.

Network: Switchports

Request a change to a switchport.


Operations: Server SSL Certificate

Order / Renew an SSL Certificate for a Server

Oracle DBA Group Request

Request for services from the Oracle DBA Group.


Password Reset Support Request

Password Reset Support Request

Perceptive Content (ImageNow) (WebNow): Access Request

Request access for a new user or change access for an existing user.

Perceptive Content: New Implementation (ImageNow)

Request a new Perceptive Content (ImageNow) implementation which may include a new drawer, application plan, or scanning device.

Perceptive Content: Support Request (ImageNow)

Request support for or report an issue with Perceptive Content (ImageNow or WebNow).

PPM Last Tasks on Closed Projects

This ticket is used for tracking and reporting the last remaining tasks on projects if needed for timely project closure.

Project and Portfolio Management Training and Questions

Request insight or training from the Project Management Office: Project Management, Portfolio and Project Management, Requirements Gathering, Change Management, RFP, Risk Matrix, advise to put projects back on track, Project or Program mentoring, etc.

Purchase A/V Equipment

Purchase audio/video equipment for use in your college, department, office, or classroom.


Request assistance with CME, Marketplace or Web Deposit services.

Request assistance with CME, Marketplace or Web Deposit services.


Security: Sensitive Incidents

This service offering is to be used for sensitive security incidents that do not fit in to the other categories.

Strategic Planning Help

Please ask any questions or report any issues around Strategic Planning including how to, technical, concept or process questions.

Strategic Planning Initiative

Add Strategic Planning Initiatives with 2-5 Tactics for public reporting.

Student Chromebook Loaner Request

This service request is to be used to ask for a temporary loaner Chromebook for student use.


TDX Access TeamDynamix

Use this service to request access to TeamDynamix.

TDX Help Fix TeamDynamix

This offering is to request support for TeamDynamix when it is not working as expected, to reset a licensed user's Personal Identification Number (PIN) in the event the maximum number of retries has been exceeded, or if a user is having difficulty signing onto TeamDynamix.

Telecommunications Assistance

Request assistance with any telecommunication issue.

Training Assistance for Reporting Services or WSU Reporting

Request assistance, training follow up support.


Unix Group Request

Request for services from the ITS Unix Server Administration Group.


Windows Server Group Request

Request for services from the ITS Windows Server Administration Group which includes share drive access, mailbox sizing, VPN access, etc.

Wireless Assistance

Request assistance with wireless networking at WSU to include:
* Help with connecting your device to the WSU wireless
* Creating a wireless account for conference attendees
* Wireless service or coverage problems

Wireless Internet Device for Remote Work

Use this form when requesting a mifi (wireless internet cellular device) to borrow while working remotely. There is no charge for this service currently. These devices can be used as a wireless internet device or can be plugged directly into one device and used as a tethered internet (this is more ideal for remoting in to a campus computer). We ask that people who already have working Internet access allow the MiFi hot spots to go to those who don't.

Wireless: Coverage Request

Request additional wireless coverage in a location where you can't pick up a signal.

Wireless: Residence Hall

Report wireless problems in the campus residence halls

Wireless: WSU Secure Account for Conference Attendees

Request a WSU Secure Account for attendees of a conference or similar event

Workforce Training Request

This service is used for individuals wanting information on having training provided.

WSU Foundation: Computer & Printer Assistance

Request any assistance with computer hardware, software, or printer issues.

WSU Foundation: Database Assistance

Creating queries, reports, exports, data updates, security changes, or login issues.


Zoom Support Request

Request for assistance in using videoconferencing software. Use this service to request both standard basic and pro zoom licenses, as well as for all licensing questions and technical support.